Moss Green / Olive Green/ Army Green and Lime Green and White argyle socks

The moss green argyle sock is the perfect idea for your wedding, or if you need to blend into the marshland during your getaway. Green is a wonderful wedding color idea. The lime green and white pair with it wonderfully. All together the moss/ army green, white and lime green create this cool calm feeling.

Light Moss Green / Olive Green/ Army Green, charcoal gray, black men's argyle socks, with gray line

men's moss green/olive green/army green and lime green and white gray/grey argyle socks zoomed view ofmoss green (olive green/army green) and lime green and white gray/grey argyle socks

Men's Moss Green (Olive Green or Army Green) and Lime green White argyle sock is 75% cotton

Material: 75% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 10% Spandex

Great quality

Great socks for Green wedding theme

Length: Mid-calf ~ 3/4 calf

Size: One size, Socks Size 10-13, fits most men

How to order

To order, please email to support [at] with your your name and shipping address.
We will reply to you with invoice and instructions to pay for the invoice. When we receive payment, we will ship out orders swiftly.


We ship by USPS or UPS Ground

e.g. of shipping fees:

Shipping to Southern California $6.80 (1pair)

Shipping to Northern California $7.00 (1pair)

Shipping to New York $7.80 (1pair)

Shipping to Florida $7.80 (1pair)

Shipping to Texas $7.20 (1pair)

Shipping to North Carolina $7.80 (1pair)

Thank you.


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