Self Wrap Gift Box B - Pillow Box with 3" Butterfly Pull Bow

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  • Model: SELFWRAP-B
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  • Manufactured by: design & factory


This "Self Wrap Gift Box B" is great wrapping option you can choose to add when you buy our socks.

How to make butterfly pull bow instruction

The butterfly pull bow is made of ribbons which come as a flat strip.

  1. Find the 2 thin curling ribbons BETWEEN the 3" ribbons.
  2. Hold the ends of 2 thin ribbons with one hand and pull them slowly towards yourself while pushing the 3" ribbons away.
  3. Loops will automatically arrange themselves as you pull the thin ribbons.
  4. Finish pulling up into a finished bow. Like magic!
  5. Tie the bow to the back of the Pillow box.